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Wythall Transport Museum

The Wythall transport museum is a treasure trove of bus memorabilia and it was recommend to the IgersbirminghamUK team as a place to hold an Instameet following a feature on BBC Midlands Today.  The man behind the museum is enthusiast Denis Chick and he was there to greet us as we arrived at the Museum.  Denis is Vice Chairman and Press Officer and there is nothing he does not know about the collection. His enthusiasm for the place is unlimited and we received a warm welcome. This was a limited numbers IgersbirminghamUK meeting as Denis already had a booking with a classic car display taking place. When we arrived the cars were already getting ready for the display. The sun was shinning off the highly polished bodywork. We could not have asked for better weather for a day out at the Transport Museum.

Wythall Transport Museum
Denis Chick in front of one of the restored buses at the museum.

Many of the IgersbirminghamUK regulars were present plus one or two new faces.  We had a quick introduction to the day, a group photograph and then we set off to explore the cars and buses. The museum houses over 90 buses. Many of the famous names of the past are there including Midland Red and the WMPTE blue and cream buses.   There are other transport buses from around the West Midlands including representation from local independent operators.  All the buses are in operating condition and sport a wonderful array of colours. 

Wythall Transport Museum
A busy day of classic cars and buses at the Museum

The IgersbirminghamUK participants were able to roam around the three hangers that housed the vehicles, and many photographs were taken.  It was a dream location.  Reflections in the windows and mirrors made for many great compositions.  The small details in and around the buses and other memorabilia meant that as photographers we had a great time as we snapped away. I particularly liked all the emblems and old signs.

Wythall Transport Museum
The no 11 bus
Wythall Transport Museum
Setting off for a bus ride around the area.

In line with the current green agenda, the museum has a collection of battery electric road vehicles.  This includes 30 electric milk floats and bread vans.  These vehicles were operated by companies such as the Co-op, Midland Counties and Birmingham and Handsworth Dairies.  Once again like the buses, the milk floats were very photogenic and there was always a volunteer around to talk about their previous history and how they went about restoring them.

Wythall Transport Museum
A line up of electric milk floats.

The exhibits were photographed all over from the overall bus to the minute details of the inside and the wheels and other interesting components.  The spectrum of colours was a delight.

The bonus to the visit was National drive-it day.  This is when all classic vehicle owners are encouraged to get their vehicle on the road. There were several car clubs present and the range of cars was so varied. 

Wythall Transport Museum
My first car was a Hillman Imp. Great to see this model.
Wythall Transport Museum
A line up of classic cars
Wythall Transport Museum
A Ford Mustang

This was an enjoyable day and there is lots to see and do at the Transport Museum.  I took too many pictures, but I have to say I enjoyed the day out.  If you want to know more then have a look at the Museum web site and I have included the BBC Midlands today film that was put together about the museum.

Wythall Transport Museum
Even buses for the children.

A big thank you to Wythall Transport Museum for hosting us. Thank you to Nicky Butler part of the IgersbirminghamUK team for putting together the day but unable to join us. To John Convey of the Igers team for helping on the day. Thank you to all the participants who came along. These are my own personal photographs and if you wish to see some of the marvellous pictures taken then follow the link #igbuk_meet_wythall. If you are interested in our previous IgersbirminghamUK instameets then follow the links to show the variety of photographic subjects that are covered.
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Wythall Transport Museum
Selfie with instructions on how to great the public on the buses.

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