The Purple Lavender

Cotswolds Lavender Fields

This summer, all the flowers, plants and trees are 2 to 3 weeks late.  After the late appearance of the poppies, it was noticeable that the purple lavender was also not as rich in colour as last year.  This did not stop us making a visit to the Cotswolds lavender fields.  This year we had all three grandchildren with us and there are so many photographic opportunities.  However, whilst the location is superb, trying to get three young children who love nothing more than running up and down the lines of the lavender fields to stay still for photos is more difficult.  Whilst the lavender are in the early stages of growing, the wild flower fields were up and running.  Yet again great for the children to be running around. 

Cotswolds Lavender Fields
Close up of the lavender
Cotswolds Lavender Fields
Lots of photographic opportunities
Cotswold Lavender Fields
Pictures of the family
Cotswold Lavender Fields
Wild Flowers
Cotswold Lavender Fields
Maybe a little early in the season but still beautiful

After a picnic, we moved onto Broadway Tower which is nearby.  Compared to last year when the pandemic had made such visits more worrying, this year it looked like a normal English summer around the Tower.  The only tale tail sign were people wearing masks when in the local shop and restaurant.  The views were good and the tower looked as always so interesting.  Looking to get a different picture, I wandered around and shot upwards to avoid the crowds.  I was happy with my picture but then again, the traditional view when you first see the tower is always an inspiring one.

Broadway Tower
Looking up
Broadway Tower
A classic view of the Tower with the RAF memorial

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