Normanton Church on Rutland water

There are many iconic picture locations in England which demand to be photographed. Luckily I have visited several including Chesterton Windmill and Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse. Both places combine an unusual structure that can be photographed against the elements of the weather. One iconic location that I have wanted to visit for a while is Normanton church on the shores of Rutland Water reservoir.  The place is a popular venue especially for weddings and sightseers .

Normanton Church on Rutland Water
Normanton Church does appear to have sunk below the water line.
Normanton Church on Rutland Water
The Church makes looks good against the sky
Normanton Church on Rutland Water
A view of the Church framed by nearby tree branches.

The church sits just below the water level and therefore looks as if it has sunk. The iconic look of the church as it sits away from the shore of the lake provides many photographic opportunities. Access is very easy and there is a car park nearby with well served amenities all managed by Anglian water. In fact the place is ideal for many activities including a walk around the lake shore. Sian my daughter and her husband Jim, were interested in visiting the place as well and when we arrived the weather looked good. Blue skies and white clouds. As there was a wedding taking place it was not possible to explore the church itself and I could only take pictures from afar. It was still possible to get some good photographs of the church against the lake and the sky.

Normanton Church on Rutland Water
It was a beautiful start to the walk around the lake edge.
Normanton Church on Rutland Water
Beautiful views of the surrounding area.
Rutland Water
The sailing club was active in the gusty conditions.
Rutland Water
There is a well maintained path around the reservoir.

After taking pictures of the church and then setting off on a walk, the weather changed. As you can see we then experienced sleet and rain followed by yet again blue skies etc. The weather did not dampen my enthusiasm for taking pictures of Normanton Church and the walk around the lake will be explored more at a further date.

Rutland Water
In an instant the weather turned to sleet and rain.
Rutland Water
The sky is slowly returning to a blue colour on our way back.

As a final note, I started off my Spaghetti Junction blog with the words “What lies below”. When I posted my pictures about Rutland Water reservoir on my social media feeds, one of my friends commented about a murder novel written about the area. The book is called “What lies beneath” and features Normanton Church on its cover. The story when a dead body is found on the rocks of Normanton Church. The victim has been laid out in a crucifixion pose…….

It is a while since we visited Kenilworth Castle. Taking a chance on the weather we went for a visit. It was a windy day and the grandchildren are good to start with but then got fractious. So as an amateur photographer you have to adapt to the conditions and the emotions of the day. I got some good pictures of the family running around the castle grounds before they went in for a coffee. It gave me the chance to explore the new attraction at the castle, Leicester’s Tower. English Heritage have built a staircase and viewing platforms on each floor in the tower. They platforms provide excellent views of the castle and the surrounding Warwickshire countryside. I will return when the weather improves and linger for more shots in the Elizabethan garden and the grounds.

Framing of Leicester’s Gatehouse
View from Leicester’s Tower
The fun of running in the Elizabethan Garden
Run, Lily, Run
Family portrait
A cheeky picture to end

Biking from home to Coughton Court for a photographic visit.  Each time I visit the National Trust property, I always spot something new to see.  The house is full of interesting rooms and the views from the Tower are wonderful.  There is also recounts of the history of the Gunpowder plot.  These pictures give a small insight to what I saw around the house and the beautiful gardens.

The canal system around Birmingham provides terrific photographic opportunities.  If you have the combination of a nice day and the time to wander along the canal network with your camera then there are few places that can match the views that you can find.  Here is an early Monday morning walk along the Canal Network.  Thank you to the West Midlands Branch of the Canal and River Trust for their work in maintaining our canal network.