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Queen's Platinum Jubilee - Knowle High street

The High Street in Knowle village closed on Saturday 4th June during Jubilee weekend.  Several drivers were not pleased that cars were stopped from passing through Knowle.  They were diverted around the High Street but that did add 5 minutes to their journey!  The car drivers’ loss was the community’s gain.  At 10 o’clock as soon as the road was closed, the artesian market went up.  There was just one problem the rain came along at the same time and stayed for the duration of the morning.  From all accounts people thought that the day going to be a washout. 

I did not venture into the village until 2pm and by then the rain had stopped.  It also brought out the people and the festivities were kickstarted again.  The high street was buzzing, and the artisan market was in full swing. It was fun just to wander up and down the high street, stand on the zebra crossing and linger at the different stalls.  This is what celebrating the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II is all about, doing something different.

Highlights of the afternoon included throwing footballs into lavatories.  At first the children lined up to have a go. After a while many of the dads decided to have a go.  There were not much better than their siblings, but it was still amusing to watch.  The area around the Church was transformed and where there was green grass and a nicely manicured path, on this Saturday there was a helter-skelter, market stalls and lots of people enjoying themselves.

I took many pictures during the afternoon and luckily met a few people I know who let me take their pictures.  Visit Knowle made a video of the day with some of my pictures being featured.  I hope the Village do this on a regular basis as the event did bring the community together.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee - Knowle High street
Usually this is a quiet picturesque scene.

The event was to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Jubilee team (Arden Academy, Arden Parent & Teachers Association, Knowle and Dorridge Lions, Knowle Parish Church, Knowle Society, Knowle Village Hall Association, Love Knowle Park & Visit Knowle) came together to produce the  programme of events.  If you want to know more then the event is covered on the Visit Knowle website

The full story was on the Visit Knowle website and was also reported in the Solihull Observer.

Knowle Park after the storms

The months of August are hot during the day and often very muggy at night. We have been through a spell of very hot weather and experienced some dramatic thunderstorms at night. Unfortunately I slept through the worse ones even though I had my camera set up to take some pictures. The next day I was up early and when I got to the park, I was not disappointed as there was a mist over the area. There were were also layers of colours present. What was remarkable was the continual change as the sun rose higher burning off the mist. The mist provides opportunities for rays of sunbreaking through the clouds to be highlighted. With my trusty iPhone I was able to take several photographs of the scene. These were immediately given some post processing via Snapspeed and then uploaded onto the BBC weather site. When I got back home all the pictures were run through Lightroom and then put up on Twitter and Instagram. I received a great deal of acclaim and lovely comments on the pictures and also featured no BBC Midlands weather.

Knowle Park
Knowle Park after the storms with a lone dog walker
Knowle Park after the storms
Magical mist, Sun and light
Knowle Park after the storms
The clouds were very dramatic
Knowle Park after the storms
This picture was shown on BBC Midlands weather
After the storm Knowle Park
This picture was popular on Instagram