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Packwood House at Christmas

Packwood House lifted the gloomy grey weather with a display of colourful Christmas decorations. Trees and plants around the house and gardens were adorned with hand made ornaments and baubles. Shelves had displays of miniature nutcracker soldiers. There were colourful Christmas wreaths on the gates to the garden and doors to the house. The wonderful display lifted the spirits. Here are a few photographs taken around the house for you to enjoy Merry Christmas.

Packwood House at Christmas
The entrance to the House with two Christmas Trees
Packwood House at Christmas
Decorated Christmas Trees
Packwood House at Christmas
Another view of the front entrance to the house.
Packwood House at Christmas
Christmas decorations
Loving the Tinsel in a glass jar. Great touch to the decorations.
Packwood House at Christmas
Wreaths on the garden gates
Packwood House at Christmas
Christmas wreath with the lake and extensive grounds in the background
Packwood House at Christmas
Decorations in the Kitchen Garden
Packwood House at Christmas
Detail of the decorations
Packwood House at Christmas
Looking quiet before Christmas
Packwood House at Christmas
Pre Christmas walks at Packwood

Thank you to the National Trust for putting on such a wonderful display and next time I must look inside as this wonderful tweet shows.

If you enjoyed these pictures of Packwood then take a look at the gardens and house in the mist

A misty start is a great opportunity for photography. The last Saturday in March provided both the sunrise and the mist so I headed it out. I planned to go to the canals but passing through Packwood House, the combination of the sun and mist caught my eye. I stopped and started to take pictures. The line up of trees leading away from the house provided some good pictures. A couple of early morning walkers provided suitable inclusions in the pictures that I took.

I also discovered the “Welly Walk” around the grounds. By this time the mist was disappearing but there were still photographs to be taken. One of the sun streaming through the trees, a spiders web and some lambs taken in the sun. It was a magical hour of photographing in ideal conditions.

The Golden Morning light
The gates of dawn
The  eerie mist
The sun in the trees
A walker in the mist
A figure approaching the gate
Packwood House
Towards the gate
Beyond the gate
Morning light in the woods
Spiders Web
The Warwickshire Countryside
A friend on the walk