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Kenilworth Castle Sept 2021

Our last visit to Kenilworth castle was in 2019 when the grandchildren were much younger. A revisit was needed now that they were in a “run about mode”.  The weather was kind and ideal for outside activities.  We arrived and the children were very excited.  I brought my x100v with me plus I activated the flash on the camera at around 1/64.  I knew that I would be taking lots of pictures often in dark areas of the castle. The children ran to the far end of the castle and we were led straight to the Elizabethan garden. This was immediately followed by the Norman keep.  It was difficult keeping up with them.  However it made for some interesting photography as you are constantly trying to adapt and keep up with their sudden movement!  The ruins have many nooks and crannies which are ideal hiding places for children. Sometimes we really thought we had lost them.  There was a path that went upwards to the battlements. No sooner had we reached the top when it was back down into the Great Hall. After all this expended energy, it was time for lunch.  Near to the Tudor stables where the tearoom is situated there are the ruins of the chapel. These make great stepping stones for the children. 

Kenilworth Castle Sept 2021
Warwickshire Bear
Kenilworth Castle Sept 2021
Leicester’s building

After lunch it was to Leicester’s building and English Heritage have constructed an internal staircase which allows you to climb to the top of the tower.  As we were looking out onto the adjacent fields, we saw a wedding party moving through the footpath.  This is where I would love to have the telephoto lens attachment. It was great to see a local celebration happening around the castle.

Kenilworth Castle Sept 2021
View of the Castle

The pictures show the fun that we had at the castle and with the grandchildren growing up it is so much more enjoyable visiting such places. You can compare this to my last blog about the castle in 2019. We loved it so much that we joined English Heritage and now have them alongside the National Trust for places to visit.

Kenilworth Castle Sept 2021
The gardens with Leicester’s Gatehouse in the background
Kenilworth Castle Sept 2021
Statue in the Gardens
Kenilworth Castle Sept 2021
Light on the bricks
Kenilworth Castle Sept 2021
Wedding party at the walls of the Castle

Ever since the Government eased the strict lockdown then I cleaned up my bike and started to go out on bike rides.  I throw my Canon 5D camera into a bag with both the EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM and EF70-200mm f/4L IS USM.  Both lenses are excellent in covering most situations where I want to take pictures.  With the bright sunlight, I do use my polaroid lens fileter on the 24-70mm lens.  

Bluebells at Hay Wood

My first ride was to Hay Wood and then followed that up with going to Lapworth and the picturesque Kingswood junction. It did take some time to rest my stiff muscles before I was able to get going again.  After the short rest, I started to become more adventurous and went down to Lowsenford and back through Lapworth.  Following this,  I pushed myself further by going to Tanworth in Arden via Earlswood lakes.  This ride was challenging as it was a very windy day and there was a definite disadvantage as you cycled into the wind.  My next adventure was to Meriden and the centre of England.  The miles were being stacked up and I felt confident of my next ride to Kenilworth which was 24 miles there and back.  It was great to see the castle at Kenilworth even though one could only peer over the walls. 

The lockmaster’s cottage owned by the Landmark Trust at Lowsenford.

Doing these bike rides makes me realise how beautiful the Warwickshire countryside is and I hope you agree when you see this set of pictures.

Meriden Duck Pond
Brook Meadow in Darley Green near Dorridge
Field of Barley, near Temple Balsall
Kenilworth Castle

It is a while since we visited Kenilworth Castle. Taking a chance on the weather we went for a visit. It was a windy day and the grandchildren are good to start with but then got fractious. So as an amateur photographer you have to adapt to the conditions and the emotions of the day. I got some good pictures of the family running around the castle grounds before they went in for a coffee. It gave me the chance to explore the new attraction at the castle, Leicester’s Tower. English Heritage have built a staircase and viewing platforms on each floor in the tower. They platforms provide excellent views of the castle and the surrounding Warwickshire countryside. I will return when the weather improves and linger for more shots in the Elizabethan garden and the grounds.

Framing of Leicester’s Gatehouse
View from Leicester’s Tower
The fun of running in the Elizabethan Garden
Run, Lily, Run
Family portrait
A cheeky picture to end