The Open Arms at Warwick Castle

I read the email twice.  The Open Arms at Warwick Castle were offering a free table due to the weather being a bit miserable during our last visit.  My daughter, Natasha, was very excited as she was unable to go to the last one and without a moment’s hesitation the family said yes.  Let’s go again.

When we arrived, the tables were set out along the castle moat looking up to the walls.  My grandson was as excited as his mother and posed for pictures.  The food outlets were different to before and my wife Sandy missed the Steak and Chips outlet.  She did chose a simple chicken and chips from Yardbirds.  Natasha and I went for the Brisket from the Grub shed.  Initially disappointed as some of their items were unavailable our disappointment turned to happiness at the quality of the food and its presentation. My grandson was very pleased with a bucket of chips from the Burgers stall.  All the outlet food looked scrumptious, and it is a pity that you must make one choice from so many choices!  

Following the main course, I was brave and went for a strawberry topped waffle.  My grandson so enjoyed watching it be made, with the cream and chopped strawberries.  The beer was Purity of course so no complaints there!

The Open Arms at Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle

Thank you to Harry Jenkins, Head of Marketing of the Digbeth Dining Club for allowing us the opportunity to visit so soon after the first time.   The weather was fine and there was some sunshine as well.  The castle walls add to the atmosphere, and I would thoroughly recommend the experience but then I am a big fan can’t you tell!

The Open Arms at Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle

My recollections of Riyadh from my first visit in 1996 were hazy. I remember it being very hot with many white buildings. Here I was back in Riyadh for a second time (third to Saudi Arabia). What I first noticed is that there is great deal more traffic around than before. It is difficult to get a feel for the city initially and my first morning and afternoon were taken up with meetings. The fun started at lunchtime and then re-continued at dinner as I soon discovered that the Saudis love their food. The evening food was served on the floor which was an experience especially for my knees which were very stiff when I stood up.

The food served on the floor was fit for a kingdom

Day two of the trip was a recharging of batteries and after early morning meetings, it was catch up in the hotel. Passing the time of day and ceiling was worth photographing as the picture shows

Hotel ceiling

Both Universities that I visited on day three of the trip were situated in large expansive campuses. King Saud is a well established university and the architecture is impressive. Long outside corridors which are so long that there are mini-mokes available to assist you. Luckily the weather was reasonable and cool. In fact later that day a dust storm hit the city and part of the time it was not advisable to have the camera out. Princess Nour University is a female only campus and again so vast that a monorail is provided for the female students to access all the departments. The hospital was again large (do you find there is a common theme here) and some of the architecture was just asking to be photographed.

The city goes on forever, the traffic is intense
Downtown Riyadh
Kong Suad University
Long Corridors
I love arabic coffee
Interesting styles
Restaurant with Saudi Symbol
Shopping area
Architecture on the Princess Noura University
Looking Up