Cracks Hill, Sunrise

This hill is the remnant of a glacier and has a prominent view of the nearby village of Crick and the surrounding Northamptonshire country side.  I have visited the hill before as Sunset and captured a beautiful scene.  On a recent visit to my daughter, I took the opportunity to capture the sunrise.  Whilst there were no clouds in the sky the rising sun was still beautiful and I was able to frame the sun in the beacon.  Whilst I was on the beacon there were several walkers who passed through for a chat.  The subsequent light was beautiful and made a perfect start up for the rest of the day.

Cracks Hill, Sunrise
The view of Crick Village from Cracks Hill
Cracks Hill, Sunrise
The Grand Union Canal next to Cracks Hill
Cracks Hill, Sunrise
The canal bridge that leads onto Cracks Hill

If you want to learn more about Cracks Hill then read the West Northamptonshire Council Web pages
and I have been there before at sunset visiting both the Hill and Crick’s Wood.

Cracks Hill, Sunrise
Another view from Cracks Hill.

This series of pictures features Birmingham centre just after the clocks have gone back. Why is this so important. Sunrise for the next couple of weeks is around 7 am and that is the time that I get into Birmingham. When I took these pictures, I did not have any theme attached to them as I just felt like I needed to stroll around the city and see what is happening.

A lone figure in Victoria Square

There is a fair amount of change happening around Birmingham. This includes the next phase of the Metro tram linking up between Grand Central and Broad Street. There are also many new buildings going up around Chamberlain Square. So many changes happening. I then moved onto Gas Street Basin and caught the light from the early morning sun.

The view to Centennial Square with a lone figure

It was only when I reviewed the pictures that I noticed a figure in each of the pictures. Maybe it is the same person that was following me around the city as I was taking photographs. Whoever he/she or they were, they do add a point of interest and a story to the pictures.

Looking towards the mailbox with a lone figure
Looking towards the sunrise