Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse

The low lighthouse at Burnham on Sea stands alone on the beach just north of the town.  It is an imposing structure and commands the horizon and your attention.  It has 9 legs, a ladder to the door of house and is painted mainly white.  There are squares of black with a bright red vertical stripe at the front of the building.  The legs are metal sitting in the sand and the structure itself is wood.
We visited it late afternoon and the storm clouds were moving in and out with occasional flashes of blue sky.  The single structure is iconic and reminded me of Chesterton Windmill which commands your attention against a changing skyline.  Here are my photographs of the low lighthouse.  I have taken several pictures around it and then a deconstructed view of all the parts to it.

Burnham-on-Sea LightHouse
Overlooking Burnham-on-Sea
Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse
Lighthouse deconstructed

The funny story about the lighthouse is that I spent a great deal of time taking pictures of the back of it looking out to see. I only discovered the red stripe when my photographic buddy pointed out that I needed to look at the front of the lighthouse. I think there is a photographic tip somewhere in the story!

Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse
Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse

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Cameras used with these pictures
Canon D5 with lenses 16-35 and 70-200mm
FujiFilm x100v

Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse
Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse

I had another chance to visit Dubai and see the Campus which is now open for business. The City is still fun to visit although as I mentioned in my last blog it is sand, concrete and steel. A year later and I noticed a lot more new buildings. In some cases the photographs I had taken in 2017 would not be possible now. Fortunately there were new possibilities available and a selection are shown in my blog. I took my trusty travel camera the Sony RX100v5 with me. As you can see it is very versatile and offers the ability to capture the sight and sounds of this amazing city.

This is an impressive view showing the mix of recreation with high rise living.
A view from a hotel window and the tint is the same one used in the new Blade Runner film.
I had to wait until it was clear of people taking selfies with this sign in the background
Capturing the moment of the dancing water show.
The beach at night
The University of Birmingham Dubai Campus entrance.
Looking up towards the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower at present in the world.

The North Cornish Coast is spectacular, and we visited only a small section of the coast around and to the north of Newquay.  My favourites were Watergate Bay and the Bedruthan Steps.  Unfortunately, I did not have my filters with me for the steps, but I was still able to capture the water flow in slow motion.  There was not that many sunsets but the opportunity to be by the sea was just great and a few pictures tell the story.