Regent Street Lights

Regent Street Lights, London, December 2022

I was fortunate that I was in London during Christmas week. My reason for being there was to undertake a photographic assignment for the British Dental Association Museum. Once I had completed my task then I set off for the Christmas lights. I walked from Wimpole Street along Oxford Circus taking in Bond Street, New Bond Street and Piccadilly. Whilst I took many photographs on this journey, my main destination was Regent Street. The Angels were strung across the street and were a beautiful feature of the Christmas lights. The theme was the ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ and covered both Regent Street and St James’s neighbourhoods.

Regent Street Lights, London, December 2022
Under the arch leading to Regent Street.
Regent Street Lights, London, December 2022
Angels, London Buses and shoppers.

The place was very busy with people on both sides of the road and in the central reservation taking pictures of the Angels. My x100v was set up with a high ISO3200 and an aperture of f/4. The shutter speed was set at 1/125. I brought along my travel tripod to help me. However I did forget that the ISO was on high for some of the motion shots. It was difficult to think with being in such a dangerous position in the middle of the road and so many people around you. Whilst the pictures do look pretty, there are many obstacles around the area such as the shoppers and traffic. I kept my wits about me and did not look for pictures that may have put me in danger.

Regent Street Lights, London, December 2022
An Angel of Regent Street
Regent Street Lights, London, December 2022
Take the bus to see the lights.
Regent Street Lights, London, December 2022
Oxford Circus

I came away with a story as there were a few couples in the pictures and the story looks as if I have followed one couple up from Piccadilly to Oxford Circus. I enjoyed seeing the lights and experiencing the atmosphere of Christmas Shopping.

Regent Street Lights, London, December 2022
Making your way back home on the tube.

London is a wonderful city to photograph and you may wish to see my other Blog entries on photographing the UK capitol.

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