Photographing Melbourne

I was fortunate enough to attend a conference in Melbourne.  It was an interdisciplinary conference and included colleagues in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and rehabilitation sciences.  There were many delegates from around the world and also there are many friends in the City itself.  I always ensure that I travel with my camera and the Sony RX100M5 is an excellent around picture taker.

Melbourne is a photogenic city providing many opportunities for photographs. The streets were noisy with many people walking around both day and night. Federation square and Flinders street Station were human focal points to the city. Victoria Market with the looming skyscrapers surrounding it provided the contrast between the old and the new. I was particularly drawn to the differences in the architecture especially the old colonial houses with their steel verandas and gates.  The Yarra river flowing through the centre is the life blood of the city.  So much happens around the river during the day from the early rowers and the commuters to the evening where people congregating around the open air restaurants. It was a touch cold but spring was on its way. I took too many photographs and it is difficult to select a few for this blog and I hope you like the ones that are here.

Rowing on the Yarra River
Sunrise on the Yarra River


Tram stop
Flinders St by day
Interesting architecture
Bridge to the City
Three business men out for lunch
One of the many pretty arcades in Melbourne
Long streets lit up by the evening sun
Flinders Street Stn by night
Meeting under the clock at Flinders Street
Healthy eating in Melbourne
Victoria Market
Colonial architecture
Interesting street sculptures
Old Women’s hospital with a game display in the foreground
Lights at a street junction
Taking a selfie with those skyscrapers


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