Manchester Stroll

Manchester July 2022

I visited Manchester as part of a PhD examination at the Univeristy, and it gave me the chance to see the city again.  Manchester is part of my early life and as a dental student, I loved being in the city.  In the seventies, life was very different, but the music scene was a big part of my life including Punk Rock, and the rise of Joy Division and the Buzzcocks.  Manchester looks and feels very different today and I struggle to find the same landmarks in many parts of the city.  Old buildings have been renovated. High rise living is everywhere.  You can now stroll along the Rochdale canal rather than being able to walk on the water due to the rubbish.  

Manchester July 2022
The Manchester tram seen from Piccadilly station.

These are the pictures taken on my walk from Piccadilly Station to the University of Birmingham and back again.  I walked through the Gay Village along the canal and then onto Oxford Road.  I varied my route the next day to take in a few more areas as I returned to Piccadilly station.  Cities like Birmingham and Manchester are under constant change and all for the better in most cases.  I hope you enjoy my view of Manchester.

Manchester July 2022
Light and shadows on the canal
Manchester July 2022
Flowers on the canal
Manchester July 2022
Young people on the canal

Manchester July 2022
Colour on the canals
Manchester July 2022
Oxford road building

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