Grafitti – Grafitti – Grafitti

I love the colours of a good artistic graffiti painted on a wall or derelict building.  I am not a fan of “tagging” such as scrawling letters or child like drawings scribbled around bridges and walls.  Digbeth in Birmingham is regenerating and the focus is the old Bird’s Custard Factory.  The streets in and around Digbeth are full of clever street art.  Here are a few examples of them.  They have been taken with my Canon, Sony compact or even iPhone.  There is a fish eye lens used in a few of them.  The artists I particularly like are Annatomix and Golden Boy but there are countless others on the scene.  I have included a few here that I took on my early morning walks around Digbeth.

Made in Birmingham – Car Park, Bromley St End
Custard Factory – Floodgate St entrance
Fish eye effect – Floodgate St entrance to Custard Factory
Fish eye effect – Custard Factory
Scary teeth (look like they are lower incisors in the upper jaw) and staring eye – Floodgate Street
Grafitti Map of Digbeth – Little Ann Street
Flying Fish – Meriden Street
Dig those sunglasses
Street Scene, Digbeth with Golden Boy
Golden Boy Details
Custard Factory Grafitti
Four ghost like images and a real human – Custard Factory
Windows and tie – Custard Factory
Digbeth Coach Station Car Park


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Author: Damien Walmsley

Photography started many years ago when I was influenced by my father who was a keen amateur photographer who loved slide and cine film. I had a black and white Kodax camera and quickly progressed to colour prints and slides. 35mm pictures chronicle my family growing up. But it was the digital age combined with the reach of social media that opened my eyes to a new world of photography and I am still learning. My favourite subjects are travel, people, macro and of course Birmingham! Damien Walmsley Twitter @dammo Instagram @dammodammo  

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1 year ago

[…] They have recently upgraded the Graffiti on the outside of the building to celebrate 22 of Birmingham’s most prominent black stars of the future. It is eye-catching and a fitting tribute to such inspiring people. Readers of my blog will know that Digbeth is a favourite place of mine and there is a constant change of the Graffiti. This blog shows the old colour scheme of the Suki10C house […]

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