Diwali in the Bull Ring

Diwali, Bull ring, 2022

On a dark evening in October, the rain did not damp the lights of Diwali. The Festival of Lights is celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. Birmingham had a unique take on the Festival with the use of light puppets and dancers. The rain prevented the outside show but inside the Bull Ring the event still took place. As in all good performances there was a story to be told. First four beautiful dancers graced the upper shopping alley near to the Bull entrance. Their dancing was mesmorizing and the rhythmic moves were enhanced by a four piece Indian drum group. When the dancing ceased, a globe of light appeared followed by a light puppet. The “child” interacted with the dancers and was inquisitive about the globe of light.

Diwali, Bull ring, 2022
Diwali Dancers
Diwali, Bull ring, 2022
The light ball
Diwali, Bull ring, 2022
The Child goes on a journey

The procession of light moved through the bullring down to the lower level. Here the child puppet discovered a large puppet sleeping under a white sheet. Upon touching the large puppet, light was transferred waking up the giant figure. The adult light puppet enthusiastically moved around the large crowd that had gathered and watched the dancers move around him. Then it was time to say goodbye as the giant light puppet moved away. However the assembled crowd were in no mood to stop and the dancing carried on with the beat of the drums for a while longer. The event was entertaining and captured the spirit of Diwali as the photographs show.

Light is transferred from the Globe to the large puppet by the “Child”
Diwali, Bull ring, 2022
Performance on the stage with the audience around them.
Diwali, Bull ring, 2022
Beautiful dancing

The event was organised jointly by Birmingham Hippodrome, Bullring & Grand Central, dance group Sonia Sabri Company and Germany puppeteers Dundu – The Giants of Light. Thank you for putting on such a wonderful celebration.

Diwali, Bull ring, 2022
The light puppet
Dancing for Diwali

If you enjoyed this then please read the BBC midlands write up of the event.

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