Clifton to Bedminster

My way back to Temple Meads train station was long and tortuous.  I took pictures of the Clifton Rock Railway which is no longer operational but I saw the upper and lower part.  There must have been some interesting stories about the making and running of the cable cars whilst it was in operation. All that can be seen is the outside structures which are intriguing but lost in time. The upper and lower parts of the Clifton Rock railway are connected by the Zig Zag footpath. It is a steep tortuous path that offers great views of the bridge but is very steep.

Street level entrance
Closed but still has a history

I headed up the Avon River, pausing to take pictures every so often.  The north bank is very picturesque with its colourful houses on the hills. My first destination was to see the Banksy picture of the Girl with the Pearl Earring. It is hidden down an industrial alleyway and there are several scribbles on the wall where several people have commented on the painting.  The work has character and charm and you are drawn into the painting.  The paint drops caught my eye and the sweeping way that the brushstrokes link together. I was pleased to have seen it.

Underfall Yard
Looking northwards from Spike Island
View of the water

Then onto North St in the district of Bedminster where every street corner has street art associated with it.  I did not use my large Canon Camera as the area was a touch edgy and so my iPhone 11 served me well for taking the pictures of the street art.  The street artists are very clever with the expressions and detail of their creations. Personally I am a great fan of street art but I am not happy when I see some of the beautiful creations simply tagged with vandalistic paint. I hope the photographs that people take preserve the spirit of the pictures for others to enjoy.

Greta Thunberg
The Power of Women
Here’s looking at you
Suitcases on a Beetle
Fruity streetart
Unsightly tagging

Then it was back to the train station to leave Bristol and head home. A short stay but many photographic memories.

Bristol Temple Meads
On the platform
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Author: Damien Walmsley

Photography started many years ago when I was influenced by my father who was a keen amateur photographer who loved slide and cine film. I had a black and white Kodax camera and quickly progressed to colour prints and slides. 35mm pictures chronicle my family growing up. But it was the digital age combined with the reach of social media that opened my eyes to a new world of photography and I am still learning. My favourite subjects are travel, people, macro and of course Birmingham! Damien Walmsley Twitter @dammo Instagram @dammodammo  

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27 days ago

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