Over the summer, I experienced an amazing photographic exhibition by Mat Collishaw called “Thresholds” and it is best to read the website that gives details of it www.somersethouse.org.uk/whats-on/mat-collishaw-thresholds

This extract is taken from the Web Site “Using the latest in VR technology, Thresholds restaged one of the earliest exhibitions of photography in 1839, when British scientist William Henry Fox Talbot first presented his photographic prints to the public at King Edward’s School, Birmingham. The experience was a fully immersive portal to the past; people were able to walk freely throughout a digitally reconstructed room, and touch the bespoke vitrines, fixtures and mouldings; even the heat from a coal fire was recreated. A soundscape for Thresholds included the sound of demonstrations of the Chartist protesters who rioted in 1839 on the streets of Birmingham, and could be glimpsed through the digital windows.”  Take a look here youtu.be/acktp-Wy8Nw

This picture shows a women picking up a text to read it. I am taking the picture though a window into the hall. When I suited up with the VR technology it was quite an experience to wander around the room.  I meant to write a blog on the experience and then I got prompted to do so as I learnt that the BBC web site used my image under CC Licence.  It is a blog on the BBC R&D section discussing reality labs.  Always nice to know your image is being used and here is the BBC Blog bbc.in/2eJKo1g


I travelled to Vilnius in Lithuania for a conference.  The last time I was there was in February 2016 and it was very cold.  The nights were long and whilst it was welcoming, it was difficult to get a feel for the place.  Fast forward to August 2017 and it was summer.  The place was alive and the old town was busy with tourists and locals going about their day.  I stayed in the Narutis Hotel which was adjacent to the University of Vilnius where the conference was held.  The old town has so much to photograph and my camera was ready all the time .  This selection of photographs provides only a glimpse of the tremendous beauty of the City.  One event that looked great fun was a White Party taking part in the Cathedral Square at the time of our conference.  Do not ask me to explain all the stories in the photographs, just enjoy them.  I do recommend a visit to Lithuania and having visited Riga, Latvia my next task is to visit Tallinn, Estonia.  I have uploaded more photographs on my Google+ site if you wish to see more.

The #igersbirmingham community find very interesting places to visit for photographic excursions.  Usually I find there are calendar clashes or I am away from home with work or family.  Fortunately when the Fort Dunlop instalment date was announced in August, I found that I could make it.  Fort Dunlop is an iconic building that overlooks the M6 in Birmingham.  I remember passing the building as we commuted down to London where I worked in the early eighties.  I also remember the large posters that adorned the building during its renovation. One of my bucket list items was to see the Fort Dunlop cows and take pictures of the famous sign.  Well all this came true on a Saturday night in August.  The views are wonderful and although we did not have a colourful sunset, there were ample opportunities for different photographs.  A wonderful night and thanks to the Igersbirmingham organisers and the photo community for their friendship during the evening.

The neon letters agains
Light trails M6
Birmingham panorama
On top of the world
Angry skies

We were fortunate with the weather when we took a short holiday break to Plymouth and St Mawes.  August was a hit and miss month with the weather but we were fortunate on our visit.  There was one glorious morning when the clouds made a dramatic backdrop to the sunrise. There were many good photographic opportunities that presented during the few days we were down there.  Here are a selection with many more on Google+, The West Country photo album

Mayflower steps, Plymouth
St Mawes Castle
Streets of Plymouth
St Mawes Castle
Sunrise St Mawes
Roseland Peninsula
Roseland Peninsula
St Mawes
St Mawes
St Mawes

St Mawes

Biking from home to Coughton Court for a photographic visit.  Each time I visit the National Trust property, I always spot something new to see.  The house is full of interesting rooms and the views from the Tower are wonderful.  There is also recounts of the history of the Gunpowder plot.  These pictures give a small insight to what I saw around the house and the beautiful gardens.

The canal system around Birmingham provides terrific photographic opportunities.  If you have the combination of a nice day and the time to wander along the canal network with your camera then there are few places that can match the views that you can find.  Here is an early Monday morning walk along the Canal Network.  Thank you to the West Midlands Branch of the Canal and River Trust for their work in maintaining our canal network.

Situated at the University of Birmingham, Winterbourne House is well worth a visit. Here are a few pictures from my recent trip there with the family. Lots of colour in the summer and next time we will remember to take our picnic hamper with us.

I had great fun photographing the Dragon Boat Racing in Brindley Place Birmingham today.  Lots to see and do.  It was also possible to get close to the action allowing me to get some close up pictures.  There were Romans, Star Wars, Egyptians and Disney Characters amongst the crews.  There was even a capsize of a couple of boats but I missed that unfortunately as I was checking my pictures.  Lesson learnt 🙂   It would also be good to get involved with it as well.






There are always people browsing your Flickr photographs and I was contacted by Dorling Kindersley, a London based publishing house.who are part of the Penguin Random House group.  They informed me that they are creating a presentation entitled, Flora.

To illustrate the text on Leaf Skeleton, they wished to use the below image from my Flickr collection:

I agreed that DK may use the image.  It is one image and I let it go forward for a PDF and an acknowledgement in the book.  I was flattered that they wished to use the image but I don’t get any financial award 🙁  By letting them use the picture then they have my consent to use this image in all editions in all forms of Flora (including digital products based on Flora) in all languages throughout the world.

I can take some comfort from the accompanying text they sent me.  DK is an award-winning global publisher of distinctive, highly visual products for adults and children. Founded in London in 1974, we are enormously proud to be the worlds leading illustrated reference publisher.  Therefore I may not get financial compensation but a lot of people will get to see the image and it may lead to more recognition.



The changing nature of the weather is so fascinating. The colours at dawn and dusk can be amazing. During the day there may be storms, rainbows and even sunny weather that just has to be captured. I regularly post to the BBC Weather Watchers page as it is always fun to get your picture on the Television. The Weather watchers page will tag your photos with “Editors Picks” and then you will know thet the picture has been featured on the television. I was one of the first weather watchers to be selected as a feature of the pages and able to share my experiences of taking pictures of the weather. I also contribute to the Yahoo Weather Project for the mobile phone where your photographs are selected from the Flickr Group.

Dammo’s Weather Watchers Profile