Christmas Cheer at Packwood House

Packwood House lifted the gloomy grey weather with a display of colourful Christmas decorations. Trees and plants around the house and gardens were adorned with hand made ornaments and baubles. Shelves had displays of miniature nutcracker soldiers. There were colourful Christmas wreaths on the gates to the garden and doors to the house. The wonderful … Continue reading Christmas Cheer at Packwood House

Photographing Oxford

An opportunity to spend time photographing Oxford arose just before Christmas. My good virtual friend, Doddsie (Neil Dodd) was visiting from Switzerland as he was attending a course at Oxford. Neil and I take part in the well regarded Internet production, ‘the Photo Show’, which can be found at the BritishTechNetwork.com. Whilst I have met … Continue reading Photographing Oxford

Cricks Wood and Cracks Hill

On one side of the M1 is Warwickshire, on the other is Northamptonshire. Most of the time, I am in Warwickshire visiting my daughter and so Rugby is my final destination. Google maps is a wonderful tool for browsing and looking for new places to visit. Often, I use canals as my compass and it … Continue reading Cricks Wood and Cracks Hill

Winter arrives

The snow started falling on a Saturday morning and it was settling on the ground.  Seeing the conditions, I gritted my teeth and decided to head out in the cold.  There could be some good pictures of Knowle village in the snow. Venturing out in the windy cold conditions was not fun.  Being cold and … Continue reading Winter arrives

Night Time Photography

When the call goes out on Instagram for night time photography organised by the WestMidlandsPhotoCollective then you know it will be a good event.  Unfortunately, it was limited numbers, and I was unsuccessful. I put my name down  on the waiting list and promptly forgot all about it.  A day before the event, a call … Continue reading Night Time Photography

Burning a path for craft beer

Craft beer breweries are increasing in number and Birmingham has around 15 of them.  Of those 15, I have visited the Two Towers, DigBrew and Birmingham Brewery over the years.  Time to discover some new ones and a Saturday craft beer walk was planned to start at the Burning Soul.  This brewery sits on the … Continue reading Burning a path for craft beer

The changing face of Selfridges

Selfridges is always on my list as a building to photograph. It has featured in many of my picture books over the years. I have even written a blog about the building which includes several of my pictures. The building is striking with the discs spread over an amorphous design. I love the building and … Continue reading The changing face of Selfridges

The National Memorial Arboretum with Igers_staffordshire

Instameets are friendly photographic get togethers where you meet like-minded people for a social chat and take pictures.  The meetings are also held at fascinating venues around the West Midlands.  My usual patch is IgersbirminghamUK or the Westmidlandsphotocollective. Both hold meetings at venues which provide a multitude of photographic opportunities.  Igers_staffordshire is a group that … Continue reading The National Memorial Arboretum with Igers_staffordshire