Museum of the Moon

I love Luke Jerram’s work and have been fortunate to meet the artist as well. His work is often on a grand scale and aims to provoke discussion. I have covered his art work before and his work In Memoriam covered death and reflecting on its consequences. Luke has also created Gaia, which is a … Continue reading Museum of the Moon

Diwali in the Bull Ring

On a dark evening in October, the rain did not damp the lights of Diwali. The Festival of Lights is celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. Birmingham had a unique take on the Festival with the use of light puppets and dancers. The rain prevented the outside show but inside … Continue reading Diwali in the Bull Ring

London Streets

A recent visit to London allowed me to take my x100v on a walkabout after my meeting at the Amazon offices just off Bishopsgate Road. I went to Spitalfields market where there was much activity going on. My visit to London involved passing through Baker Street station which is always good for a photograph. Enjoy … Continue reading London Streets

Regency Wharf

I am delighted to announce that my picture ‘Regency Wharf‘ was commended in the Urban view category of the Landscape Photography of the Year 2022. The picture will be featured in the LPOTY 2022 book, ‘Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 15’, and will form part of the travelling exhibition in the digital format. The … Continue reading Regency Wharf

Orelle Restaurant

The IgersbirminghamUK team were invited to view Orelle, the newly opened restaurant situated on the 24th floor of 103 Colmore Row. Three of the Igers team, Lena, John and myself arrived at the Orelle Cafe on the ground floor where we received a warm welcome from the staff and then we took the lift up … Continue reading Orelle Restaurant

The Fate of the Bull

The Bull enjoyed an intense period of adulation during the Commonwealth Games as the Birmingham Public took the Bull to their hearts.  Standing tall next to the Central Library, the Bull became the main attraction in Centenary Square.  I visited the square several times with the family.  Whether you were young or old everyone loved the Bull.  However, rumblings … Continue reading The Fate of the Bull

Whistling a Birmingham success

This was one venue that I was not able to book onto during the #keytothecitybrum project and therefore my visit was a few weeks after the Commonwealth Games. Simon Topman, managing director of 150-year-old ACME Whistles greeted our small group with the words “You are part of the leftovers”.  No, this is not a reference to a meal … Continue reading Whistling a Birmingham success

The key opens a special meal

The Raja Monkey restaurant in Hall Green has an international reputation in the world of curries and again was one of the more unusual entries in the #keyofthecitybrum project. I was nearing the end of my key quest and I was wondering how to organise a visit to the restaurant.  Unbeknown to me, Sandy and Sian … Continue reading The key opens a special meal