Keys to the Blyden’s Garden and the Legacy Centre

My next two venues for #keytothecitybrum were close to each other and both were intriguing. They took me to a part of Birmingham that I have rarely visited. There has been no reason or links to visit the area and I have only passed through on the dual carriage way onto Perry Barr. I was … Continue reading Keys to the Blyden’s Garden and the Legacy Centre

My Key opens another three locks

I planned my day to take in three locations of the Key to the City Brum around the West Midlands. Each venue is very different but they were linked by the way that I planned my visits for the day. These particular venues were very photogenic. There was the overall visit plus lots of details … Continue reading My Key opens another three locks

Key to the trains and the football

My next visits with #keytothecitybrum involved both a train station and a football ground. This is an account of my travels to two different venues. New Street Train Station Having passed through New Street Train station countless times, I wondered what surprise the key would provide.  The instructions were to go the end of platform one … Continue reading Key to the trains and the football

Three keys in Birmingham

Now that the #keytothecitybrum project is over, I can reveal my full journey around the sites. I have grouped them into themes whether I visited the sites on the same day or the story of the unlocking the venues were linked together by themes. The first Chapter was described earlier in my blog where I … Continue reading Three keys in Birmingham

The Birmingham Bull

The star of the commonwealth games is the mechanical bull that was revealed at the opening ceremony. It stands 10 metres tall and sits atop a motorised vehicle that allows it to be manoeuvred. Both the head and the legs move and there are numerous working clogs and gears. When viewed close up, the details … Continue reading The Birmingham Bull

Birmingham, Perry and the Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth games are coming to Birmingham and the City council has gone overboard to make sure that the streets and roads are looking their very best. There are new pieces of artwork, refurbishing of old artwork and the enhancement of buildings.  All guaranteed to make a Brummie proud.  The following pictures provide a flavour of what … Continue reading Birmingham, Perry and the Commonwealth Games

Made in Birmingham/Made in Sydney

Amongst all the excitement along the colourful streets of Birmingham, there is another success story of the city taking place during the Commonwealth Games. Wandering over to Oozells square and there is a public art display that has the power to match the other artistic events that are taking place. The IKON gallery features an … Continue reading Made in Birmingham/Made in Sydney

The discs are back in town

The Selfridges building is now back to its full glory after a period of renovation. The silver discs were causing problems by becoming detached and falling off the building. All this was happening prior to the pandemic. There were additional problems as the original manufacturer of the discs was no longer operating and a new … Continue reading The discs are back in town