Autumnal days on the University of Birmingham Campus

University of Birmingham Sunset on campus

These are surreal days on the University Campus as a term is in full swing but many of the students are sitting in their halls of residence. I work on a Tuesday and Thursday based at the Dental School and have only ventured onto campus once or twice. I took a hunch that it was going to be a nice sunset. You never know if it will or not but the clouds were lingering and at about 5pm I drove up to the campus. My swipe card did not let me on the campus but it is now so quiet that I found a space near the main ornamental gates at the North entrance.

Autumn on Campus
Autumn on Campus
Old Joe in Golden Hour
Old Joe in Golden Hour

I saw that the clouds were still around and the sun was low. Campus was quiet. A few pictures on the way down to the Aston Webb building and taking in some nice pictures of Old Joe. I then positioned myself on the steps by the University Crests and waited for the sun to go down. I was not disappointed as the colours of pink came out in the clouds. I go for symmetry and I enjoyed the pictures that I obtained with Old Joe framed by red clouds.

Sunset and red clouds around Old Joe
Sunset and red clouds around Old Joe

After nearly half an hour the clouds darkened and I made my way back to the car. As I looked back through the gates, I saw that the clock face was illuminated pink for breast cancer month. I caught my final picture through the gates looking back at Old Joe.

Old Joe framed by the North Gates
Old Joe framed by the North Gates

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