I have always used my photography as a diary and looking back at family pictures is always fun.  However, when I learnt about 365 projects in 2011 then I thought I would have a go at it.  The family said it would not last and it would be a passing fad.  Certainly the first year was often a challenge and I thought I may miss a few pictures.  Fast forward to 2018 and here I am entering my eighth 365.  It has become a diary of my life.  Even today I used it as a record for my professional CPD for 2017 as I sought to remember where I had been for research conferences and examining duties connected with work.  As a family dossier, each year is loved by the family and we regularly check what was happening.  WE even use it to remember which plant was flowering and whether it is early or not.   Tasha, one of my daughters, delights in making a year book featuring her favourite pictures.  A calendar is made for the family as well.  Not content with a 365, I also do it adhoc on Instagram, a 52 week project on Flickr and a monthly themed competition for the British Tech Network.  It does require a little bit of discipline in the evening and it is now a routine.  So to start this year’s 365 off, I include all the 1st January pictures since 2011 🙂  BTW if you want to keep up with my 365 then follow my Flickr account.

2011 1st January – Knowle Park
2012 1st January – Knowle Park, Solihull
2013 1st January Leamington Spa with the River Leam
2014 1st January – Katie with Archie
2015 1st January – Katie and Andy at the Etihad Stadium, MCFC
2016 1st January – Knowle Park with a lovely sunrise
2017 1st January – my granddaughter Lily amazingly 3 days after a major operation
2018 – A New Year dawn in Knowle Park and the start of a new 365



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Author: Damien Walmsley

Photography started many years ago when I was influenced by my father who was a keen amateur photographer who loved slide and cine film. I had a black and white Kodax camera and quickly progressed to colour prints and slides. 35mm pictures chronicle my family growing up. But it was the digital age combined with the reach of social media that opened my eyes to a new world of photography and I am still learning. My favourite subjects are travel, people, macro and of course Birmingham! Damien Walmsley Twitter @dammo Instagram @dammodammo  

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